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October 6, 2008

Sarah Palin’s infomercial on kitchen table issues.

Sarah Palin should do a 15 or 30 minute infomercial on how high gas and food prices are linked to political choices made by Democrats. Perot did such a talking-head-with-flip-charts infomercial which the “experts” at the networks chortled at. Guess what? Perot got higher ratings than the World Series. And there was no Tivo then.

Sarah Palin is an expert on energy which has a lot to do with high gas and food prices. As follows:

Why are fuel prices so high?

Because the Democrats and their environmentalist friends want gas prices to be high so we’ll move to alternative fuels, but we’re not there yet. Never mind, they say. So everyone suffers. I

Sarah Palin, as Governor stopped the squabbling that had taken place for 30 years, got a new bidder on the natural gas pipeline and signed the papers just before becoming VP candidate. The pipeline will be bringing natural gas to the “thirsty lower 48” as soon as it’s built. This project and off-shore drilling and, solar, biodiesel and all of the above should be fast-tracked as if we were at war — which we are, with the Axis of Oil: Putin, Chavez, the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

Sarah Palin also raised the amount of royalties citizens get from the oil companies, $1,200 for each citizen, I think. Our state treasuries would swell. And, can you imagine getting a check for drilling off our coasts? If people knew that they’d get royalties, they’d really get on the case of those environmentalists  especially when oil is being used as a weapon against us by our Islamicist and Communist (Chavez)  and Fascist (Putin) enemies. Lower gas prices and landing one on Putin’s nose, a win-win situation.

High food prices. In his first debate, McCain announced he was against the corn ethanol subsidy but he didn’t connect the dots. Who cares? We should care, because corn is fed to beef and pigs and when using it as fuel becomes more profitable, corn is diverted to the more profitable use and food prices go up.  High food prices are also linked to high gas prices because truckers have to drive to bring food to your local market.

Then, after this infomercial, she should do one on cutting funds for teapot and Gene Autry museums and all the other wacky accretions to the national budget. The excuse is always given that these are small expenditures, but they grow, and everyone knows that saving small sums can have a big impact on the family budget.

keep reading about all these categories: red vs. blue state, urban vs. rural, etc. etc.  I acknowledge two categories, people who think for themselves and those who don’t.

I  don’t hunt, fish, was raised in Manhattan, have no children, am not a Christian, nor a Conservative — and I LOVE Sarah Palin as I haven’t loved a politician since Ronald Reagan who had so many lies and smears hurled at him that the mud eventually hardened into  a Teflon shield. I laugh at the left-wing fantasy that she will “stumble.” If Sarah stumbles, millions of hands will be outstretched to her to help her right herself.

One of the few things I have in common with Sarah Palin, other than libertarian tendencies, is that on the college debate circuit, the word got around “watch out for the BARRACUDA on rebuttal.”


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