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October 6, 2008

How to spot press bias

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Sarah Palin has energized an apathetic citizenry by telling us that the government should be our servant, that it should come from us, not at us, and that its arrogance must be curbed. The press ignores her achievements while digging in dumpsters for any tinge of scandal.

The bias in their writing is beyond anything I’ve ever seen.  Here are some press bias techniques identified by the late Edith Efron in her 1968 book THE NEWS TWISTERS:

THE POISON SANDWICH is a media technique in which opinion favorable to a candidate is buried between a negative introduction and conclusion.

THE SUGAR SANDWICH is another perception altering technique. This approach buries negative opinion between a favorable introduction and conclusion.

OMISSION in which facts are evaded or suppressed. The press frequently omits facts necessary to form a valid conclusion. Obama is using this technique in his McCain/Keating 5 infomercial. Nowhere is there a mention of the fact that McCain and John Glenn were cleared of all charges.

OVERGENERALIZATION. There is an important difference between Some, Many, Most and All. I’ll write more about this in the posts on logic.

DEGLAMORIZATION. All the charges of “trailer trash” etc. levelled at Sarah Palin who has never lived in a trailer, but which should piss off those who do. I hope they’ll all vote their outrage.

GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. Obama loves to charge that this is what his opponents are doing. But if your wife is a rancorous racist and your preacher, whose church you attended for 20 year years twice a month adding up to 480 times, and who preached anti-white and anti-American venom, and all of your friends are Marxist and part of the Blame America first crowd, and you’ve never written anything or left any footprints anywhere how else can we judge you than by your associates? By what you say now when you’re trying to get elected? I don’t think so.


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