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October 19, 2008

People Obama didn’t worry about

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The poor and mostly black people in the public housing he and Tony Rezko provided.  There was no heat in the winter, poor maintenance and the units are now boarded-up. But have you seen pictures of Obama’s mansion?

Obama claims he cares about poor blacks, but a Boston Globe report exposed how for eight years Obama supported slum projects in Chicago.

Poor blacks living in rat and roach infested apartments condemned Obama for not caring about them.

Cynthia Ashley, a fourteen-year resident said: “No one should have to live like this, and no one did anything about it.”

Anthony Frizzell a twenty-year resident said: “In the winter I can feel the cold air coming through the walls and the sockets.”

Sharee Jones who has lived for years with the rats said: “You could hear them under the floor and in the walls, and they didn’t do nothing about it.”

Paul Johnson who helped organize a protest against Obama said: “Of course he knew. He just didn’t care.”

Showing he just didn’t care, Obama wrote letters on Illinois Senate letterhead supporting government loans for slum projects.

Obama coauthored the Illinois law that gave tax breaks to his slum lord friends, including now convicted felon Tony Rezko who helped Obama buy a million-dollar house.

As a US Senator, Obama worked to increase federal subsidies for his slum lord pals who donated more than $175,000 to Obama’s campaigns with Rezko raising another $200,000.
Illiteracy keeps Blacks poor and dependent. Obama as chairman of the board of The Annenberg challenge mis-spent hundreds of millions of dollars in “radicalizing” children rathre than empowering them by teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic. A athlete worth millions can lose everything if he’s illiterate and innumerate.

So, when Obama says he “worries” about people on the brink of retirement, or struggling with health problems or financing their education, think of all the good he’s done given a chance.


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