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October 15, 2008

Boycotting the Hollywood Left

I loved Julia Roberts’ early films but when she said:

“Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant…

I began my boycottt Julia Roberts films campaign.

I would have imagined that after she made that comment, studio heads would have said, “Well, Julia, since you’ve just pissed off 50% of your audience, we will no longer be able to pay you $20, million dollars a film. From now on, we’ll pay you $10 million. It never happened.

The one exception I’ve made has been CHARLEY WILSON’S WAR because the script by Aaron Sorkin is great, and the direction by Mike Nichols is great. Most importantly the book by George Crile is not only instructive on the Afghanistan war (and by implication why we were wise to wage the war in Iraq, contrary to Obamana’s opinion) on how the CIA works, on how the Congress works, etc.

There used to be several boycott hollywood sites. I recommend for its quotes by left-wing actors and directors.

Today, Warner Bros. piously announced that they don’t want to influence the election, hence won’t release HANOI HILTON till AFTER the election. In the meantime,
TV is flooded with ads for Oliver Stone’s “W”.  I am now boycotting all Warner Bros. films and TV shows. “Without A Trace.” for starters.


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