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October 11, 2008

Did Bill Ayers co-write Obama’s DREAMS memoir?

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Jack Cashill whose book HOODWINKED I highly recomment has a fascinating literary analysis of Obama’s memoir compared to Bill Ayer’s memoir at

Cashill summarizes thusly:

The discovery of new matching nautical metaphors from both Ayers and Obama that almost assuredly came from the same source: Ayers, a former merchant seaman.

The discovery of a Bill Ayers’ essay on memoir writing, whose postmodern themes and phrases are echoed throughout Dreams.

A newly discovered book chapter from 1990 that shows clearly and painfully the limits of Obama’s prose style the year he received a contract to write Dreams.

The revelation by radical Islamicist Rashid Khalidi that Ayers made his “dining room table” available for neighborhood writers who needed help.

A refined timeline that shows Ayers had the means, the motive and the time to help Obama when he needed it most.


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