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October 11, 2008

Getting rid of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Joe Biden

If the Republicans elect more Senators and Congressmen,  we will no longer have Nancy Pelosi selecting committee chairmanships and setting the House Agenda. Also, the House Speaker is third in line for the Presidency.

It was Rahm Emanuel who ran the House re-election effort two years ago. Although a liberal, he was willing to support “blue dog” democrats in conservative districts so as to have the winning majority that brought Democrats control of the House of Representatives. .

All Congressmen are up for re-election and although Barney Frank’s district is gerrymandered into a safe seat, this year his involvement in the Fannie Mae Freddie Mae debacle which crashed the economy and his constituents looking at their 40l (K)s may have just had enough. His opponent is Earl Sholley to whom I just made a donation.

Similarly, Joseph Biden, is up for re-election as Senator  AND sponsor of the “Global Poverty Act” which would turn over to the UN an estimated 0.7% Of Our Gross National Product, Or Over $100 billion A Year. Read more about it at his opponent Christine O’Donnell’s website.

On the Pacific site I found:  When researching the Democrat Senators that voted for the Bankruptcy bill, I found that the Senators from Delaware were the top recipients of campaign cash from the Finance/Credit Card industries…..All those little gems stuffed in this bill like the fact that credit card companies can charge rates that would make the mafia loan sharks look like pikers. Some Democrats found that little credit card company giveaway a bit hard to swallow.

According to David Broder writing about this terrible bill, it was the Delaware Senators who balked at any amendments that would have stopped some of the worst abuse companies use when filing bankruptcy.

Joseph Biden is running for both the Vice-Presidency and the Senate and refuses to debate his opponent, Christine O’Donnell.

Christine O’Donnell on Larry King re. Joseph Biden:

He’s not debating me. He is refusing to debate me. He’s refusing to allow the people of Delaware to hold him accountable for things such as the global tax that he pushed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without a public hearing, something as serious as the United Nations taxing America’s GNP should certainly have a public hearing.

If your Senators are not up for election and you live in an ultra-blue district, shop around and donate to someone else who might need financial help such as the Republican, William Russell opposing John Murtha. Unseating Murtha would save us millions in earmarks. I donated, have you?


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