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October 26, 2008

Where is Sarah’s speech on energy policy?

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Governor Sarah Palin is apparently unhappy about the way she’s been handled by the McCain campaign. Great!!! I totally agree.

Palin’s greatest strength is her knowledge of the energy issue. I first saw her on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC program and I was greatly impressed with what she had to say. Up till then, Bobby Jindal had been at the top of my list as a possible VP, but he said he wanted to finish turning Louisiana around and given the generations of corrupt mismanagement of that state, that wasn’t going to happen without his presence.  So, Governor Palin was my candidate. I loved Mrs. Romney, but there is something “hidden” and “secret” about Mitt Romney, quite similar to my  concerns about Mr. Obama.  Romney’s poker-like persona was made more apparent by the success of a look-alike, the very talented Jon Hamm, of the TV series MAD MEN, who looks like Romney but has an extremely expressive face. His expressiveness made Romney’s inexpressiveness and hidden quality  more apparent.

Some Monday morning quarterbacks now say Romney would have been a better VP candidate because of the economic crash. But Romney as a potential President never filled me with confidence. Mitt Romney as Secretary of the Treasury or top economic adviser, yes, absolutely. Similarly, Guiliani as Attorney General.

If Sarah Palin becomes vice-president, I will keep pressing the White House on several policies of McCain’s I don’t agree with. If Obama becomes President, I will join up with the supporters of Palin for President of whom there are millions. Palin will look very good two years from now, and may well help the Republican Party take back the Senate and House.  And in four years the White House.

This past week, I heard she was going to make a major address. “At last, I thought.” And then instead of THE crucial domestic and foreign policy issue of energy, she addressed the boutique issue of special needs children. What a disappointment.

There is still time for an energy speech and she should go for it. In Michigan, if possible.


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