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October 26, 2008

Peggy Noonan – a “bridge and tunnel” gal.

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Some women, after they have climbed the ladder of success pull it up after them.Peggy Noonan seems to have done that vis a vis GOVERNOR Sarah Palin (not as she called her “MRS. PALIN” on ABC’S THIS WEEK, this morning.

Goddesses frequently reach out to other goddesses when hit with the bewildering tsunami of success. Noonan didn’t reach out to Palin; hence, to me, Noon is no goddess and a book of hers is on its way to — a democrat who likes her work. I will keep her Reagan book because of its subject, not the author.

Noonan is famous because of having been a great speech writer for Ronald Reagan. It was she who found the great lines of a poet to describe the astronauts touching the face of God. BUT Noonan was NOT the thinker, the philosopher, behind Reagan. Reagan was. Reagan was a closet intellectual who spent his afternoons reading and writing and it wasn’t until after his death that boxes and boxes were found in the garage containing Reagan’s attempts to work out issues in his head. That work enabled him to make split-second decisions once he was President, the very opposite of what would happen with Obama who needs 3 days and 3 versions to get an issue right.

Tom Clancy once said of Reagan that “the streets of DC are littered with the bodies of Democrats who underestimated Reagan”. Interestingly, the same has been said of Palin.

But Noonan, who spends way too much time with “the guys” fellow journalists at their watering holes, listening intently and moving her hair around, has betrayed that she may have been a speech writer for Reagan, but “au fond” never really got him.

Michael Reagan “got” Governor Palin with his oped “Welcome back, Dad.”

Noonan, born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey lives in “enemy territory”: Manhattan. I grew up in that milieu, and it made me a loner, with plenty of time to read and think.

I don’t know what books Palin has read, other than that she seems to have read everything about Reagan — and to have done a better job of integrating his ideas than Noonan has.


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