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October 16, 2008

McCain – It’s not over yet

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Kathy J. Lopez reminded me yesterday on NRO of the Reagan run for election in 1980.

“The mainstream media hated him: He was dumb, out of touch, and the election was over, weeks before the vote. He was behind in the polls one week out. And he won.”

Obama is skilled at image creation. The Drudge Report showed a photo of a huge group of people who came out for Obama. But not exactly. They were there for a rock concert.

In Germany, that huge group of people turned out for a rock AND a reggae concert. Then, Obama spoke.

Obama boasts of having registered millions of voters. But some — many — of those people registered multiple times and will probably not take the chance of voting and going to jail for fraud. There are now investigations in 10 states of voter fraud by an organization Obama worked closely with, ACORN.

Polls are often news filler on the horse race to give news anchors something to talk about. How accurate can polls be if pollsters  have no access to cell phone users? Many people with common sense no longer answer poll questions that present false alternatives, indicate the answer wanted or make false assumptions of the “have you stopped beating your wife?” variety. ..  So, stop worrying about how the polls are doing.

Have you ever seen the famous news photo of Truman holding a newspaper with the headline “Dewey defeats Truman”?  Had Truman believed in polls he probably would have given up and never won the 1948 election.

Don’t let the polls stop you from working for victory in November.

Vote. Donate. Pick up lists of Republicans to call. Take people to the polls on election day or volunteer to be a poll-watcher.

It is NOT over.


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