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“Watch out for the barracuda on rebuttal”

That was the advice debaters gave to other debaters on the novice college debate circuit I was part of. In 2004, I wrote a couple of opeds using the handle “barracuda”, and then along came Sarah, my hero.

I am in awe of Palin’s skills as a speaker and debater. As Michael Reagan wrote in HUMAN EVENTS, “Welcome Back, Dad.” I, like the PUMAs, “love her mad assassin skills.” (Tom W. PJM commenter)

We need a great advocate for capitalism and freedom. In Sarah Palin, we have found the world’s best.

I was an intercollegiate debater in the 1960’s. My debate partner had gotten into debate to cure her fear of public speaking,  and she was prone to  drop her debate cards and get confused. Our opponents would think “what the ****”, look over at me, looking as innocent as could be, and they would throw down their pens and not even bother taking notes. Then, I would speak on rebuttal and shred them mercilessly. My debate team would then allow me to take our trophy home to my young husband who was paying my way at this pricey university.  On Monday morning, I would  turn the trophy in to the university. They even had to buy a trophy case.  What fun!

I got into college debating because of Bill Buckley, who had once saved the honor of not only Yale but our country by, with Brent Bozell, being the only team  to defeat the Oxford University Brits who had defeated every other Ivy League team on the East Coast.

I spent two years on the fringes of the Ayn Rand group before it went public and I’m grateful for what I learned, much more useful than what I learned in college.

I have started a second blog on which I will post material on

AESTHETICS, which I will apply to film, painting, sculpture, architecture, and literature.

ECONOMICS,  (the same free market economic ideas by Ludwig Von Mises Ron Paul espouses. Interestingly, now,  they’re listening to what he has to say on the financial shows)

POLITICAL SCIENCE  which is basically Americanism. Ayn Rand  was passionate in her love of freedom, America and capitalism, achievement and the heroic.  Attitudes I still share. In other areas, such as

EPISTEMOLOGY. I believe in the GIGO concept of epistemology, (garbage in, garbage out) so I’m fairly careful of what influences I expose myself to. A brilliant professor I had years ago told me she’d always believed in free will but saw a strong personality in her baby at an early age.  This links to my belief in re-incarnation which also explains the “Mozart phenomenon.”

ETHICS I have gone my own way. The Objectivist “virtues” turn people into insecure and judgmental assholes. I prefer Ralph Waldo Emerson on the subject of virtues and Marcus Aurelius.

We have an election in a few weeks and I fear our Republic is in danger of being turned over to a closet Marxist and we have a short time  to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat, so until the election is over this  blog will be mostly on ideas on how to win this election.

Because the economy is so bad right now, I have also started a section on saving money which we can call Home Economics. has  great ideas on saving on medical costs. Years ago, a friend said I lived better on less money than anyone he’d ever met. Posts on all this later.

If you click on the politics page on the right, it will take you to my posts on politics.

I hope you enjoy the blog, will leave comments and come back often.



  1. Thirty days…now that is a real challenge. It’s taken decades of ‘bread and circuses’ to get us to this point.

    Television has disabled the critical thinking of millions. That’s the one great obstacle to turning things around – a population of passive sponges. I think the resolution will lie in technology that eclipses TV.

    I wish you every bit of success you can find in this mess.

    P.S. +1 on Rand. My background is similar.

    Comment by David Harris — October 12, 2008 @ 10:57 am

  2. Sandra,
    Got your link from PJM. I too was a debater, a follower of Ayn Rand from 14 up through my mid-twenties. I still have all the originals of The Objectivist and first copies of Reason. It was God, Christianity specifically, that shattered my staunch atheism and with it, my Randian worldview of my youth. Like you, I held on to Austrian school economics, love for logic, and her passionate love for American style of freedom.

    I too am fetterd with impossible optimism that Obama will be defeated. I simply don’t have the time or energy to fathom the opposite.

    Comment by BMoon — October 13, 2008 @ 7:20 am

  3. I came over from VDH.

    We can try to help all we want but, for me, I can’t talk to liberals anymore without them acting goofy.

    So I guess we can just give one more check to McCain.

    I tried to work with his group in MO but they didn’t seem organized. They didn’t return my call. And (I think) I’m a rational enthusiastic VDH type of guy.

    If our side loses, I believe it will be because McCain was unable to plan correctly. Maybe he does town halls so well because he likes to shoot from the hip – make it up as he goes along – keeps it loose to be able to choose options as they come up.

    But planning a strategy? Sticking with the plan? Maybe he’s not as good. Maybe that’s his problem.

    Comment by Ron Kean — October 13, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

  4. What a wonderful idea to have this information accessible in one place! Thanks tons, Sandra, for getting it together — good for you!

    Now let’s get to work!

    Comment by MAj — October 13, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

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